LEARNin Local Explainer

15 years ago I created my first real estate video podcast called “RE News You Can Use” with my friend Keith Carberry Keith and I were Co-Hosts, each sharing our perspective in our business role while educating and entertaining viewers.

The show concept simple.

  • Discuss headline real estate news.
  • Share our professional thoughts and opinions.
  • Have fun.

Back then in 2007 creating video was a chore.. it was too technical and took way too much time out of a busy professionals day. That was then, going forward LIVE video communication and collaboration will be soon be a ubiquitous tool for any professional doing business.

Introducing the LEARNin Local News Network. Real estate professionals, investors and entrepreneurs all working together to:

  • Serve their Local Community
  • Support Local Businesses
  • Build Referral Networks

LEARNin Local Communities will consist of local investors using in-person and virtual events to inspire, educate and empower each other on their journey to wealth creation via investing in the community.

Our 1st in-person event is on April 6th from 4-7pm! More details to be posted in the comments and future posts.

If Keith was still here, he’d be proud. Sadly he passed in January of this year. Rest in peace my friend. The vision of “Local Community Real Estate Investing” lives on.

What People Say

“I love this platform and how it promotes my Black Belt Mortgage Pro brand. LIVE streaming video is not the future, it’s here and now. ”
— Rafael Davis, D & D Capital of San Diego, CA
“If you are not promoting your brand and building your referral relationships, you will be left behind. ChatGPT will take your job and way of life. ”
— Patrick Queally, Geneva Financial LLC of Boston, MA

Let’s build something together.